“…an unexpected comedy that quickly has the whole audience laughing at its real-world parallels…”

Clark | irishdanceglobe.com 5 May ’24

Set in a ‘cosmic’ dressing room of sorts, where the countdown to curtain is never-ending, Countless Cathleens is a dance-theatre comedy where principal female dancers from across time coexist. As they prepare for the show, warming up, doing their make-up, and generally killing time, they play out the drama and politics that go with the job.

Whilst they are all oppressed and exploited in some way by the industry (and very good at being oppressive to each other), their similarities ultimately unite them as they join forces in the name of womanhood and equality.

“…Countless Cathleens gives the Irish dancing body a different space to breathe, regardless of age, gender identity, or training…”

Clark | irishdanceglobe.com 5 May ’24

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Cast and Creatives:

The Original One – Joanne Doyle
The One with All the Further Training – Shannon Burke
The One with Even More Further Training – Sarah Fennell
The Stickler for Perfection One – Caoimhe Ennis
The Fierce One – Laura Lundy
The One from Japan – Yuki Nomiya
The One with the Natural Movement Quality – Morgan Bullock
The One who couldn’t give a Shite – Nick O’Connell

Concept: Breandán de Gallaí
Directed, Choreographed and Story-lined by: Breandán de Gallaí & Cast
Composers & Musicians: Beoga
Lighting Design: Tim Feehily

Original music is by Beoga.

Countless Cathleens premiered on May 1st and 2nd at the 2024 Galway Theatre Festival.