A show about loss and finding meaning.

“a magnificently ruined cathedral” (Carson 2009:xiv)

In Development.

Decland will be a 60-min Tanztheater work. Onstage will be dancer/actor Breandán de Gallaí, and musicians Rolf Hind, Deirdre O’Leary, and Mark Redmond. Also making an appearance will be Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde, a celebrated Sean-nós singer.

At the heart of the show is the concept of An Oilithreacht (Pilgrimage).
This will form the basis of the work from corporeal and sonic perspectives

  • Physical – a never-ending odyssey, protagonist moving through rapidly passing landscapes
  • Soundtrack – a sean-nós ‘anthem’

‘This notion of pilgrimage is borne out my own experience of being only able to deal with the death by actually and physically moving forward … having a destination … as if the quest could conjure up a possible future for me.’ BdeGallaí

Additionally, the show raises the existential question of the nature of reality and existence and the question: How does one know that they are still alive, and not just functioning on some loop-flickering final moment level for eternity?

Cast and Creatives:

Breandán de Gallaí

Concept: Breandán de Gallaí
Directed & Choreographed by: Breandán de Gallaí
Composer: David Downes

Piano: Rolf Hind
Bass Clarinettist: Deirdre O’Leary
Piper: Mark Redmond
Sean-nós Singer: Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde

AV Artist: Scott Robinson