Praise For Linger
Edinburgh Fringe

5 Stars – The Skinny

 “Linger is superb: a must-see full-on theatrical show”
Stephanie Green and Mark Harding – The Skinny, 9th August 2016

 “a spirited delivery of ideas and dance that lingers for all the truest, thought-provoking reasons”
Mary Brennan, Herald Scotland, 9th August 2016

 “When the men move, be it intelligent and moving contemporary dance or energetic and precise Irish dance, it’s a sight to behold”
Kelly Apter, The Scotsman, 9th August 2016


A contemporary Irish step dance work for two male dancers, this immersive theatrical experience unfolds through a rich tapestry of photography, film, music and movement, examining identity, sexuality and ageing.

“In one moment there is defiance and power … a proud living in the present. But there is also repression … a closed-eye uncertainty and vulnerability to outside forces. Linger skilfully manages these contradictory tensions that lie at the heart of human identity”
Michael Seaver, Irish Times 31st Jan 2016

Linger is a powerfully tender and muscular
exploration of Irish gay masculinity.”
Dr. Jools Gilson on an early showing of Linger


The critics on de Gallaí’s previous work:

“A superb blending of dance and human emotions …. one that should definitely be seen by all – and as many times as possible.”
Stagebuzz, New York on Noċtú

“turns Irish step dancing into a movement vocabulary that can
express a full range of emotion, not just virtuosic display.”
The Villager, New York on Noċtú

Rite of Spring by Ériu Dance Company … left thousands spellbound.”
The Irish Times on Rite of Spring

Linger is a Dance Ireland Commission.
A legacy fundraising award of DI 21; presented in partnership with Dance Ireland,
Dance Limerick, Firkin Crane Cork, and Project Arts Centre, Dublin.
Linger is supported by Cavan Arts.