Mission Statement

Ériu Dance Company promotes Irish dance as a living, ever-evolving tradition, through the creation of new work that educates, surprises and inspires.

Collaborating with a range of artistic disciplines, and drawing inspiration from complex social issues, Ériu challenges preconceptions of what Irish dance is, and can address. Ériu continually celebrates – and pushes the boundaries of – the Irish dance tradition, with a view to developing audiences for the dance form, nationally and internationally.

Ériu is an important platform for dedicated Irish dancers to develop professional careers centred on artistic excellence, and integrity.

Artistic Policy

New work

  • To create new work that is well-researched, rigorous, and of the highest artistic standard.
  • To take risks – aesthetically, contextually, and narratively – to produce provocative and ambitious work that is also undeniably rooted in the tradition of Irish dance.

Education and Outreach

  • To offer opportunities for company members to develop professional skills beyond dance performance.
  • To nurture the next generation of Irish dancers through regular workshops.
  • To deepen our relationship with the 3rd level institutes through student mentoring, and performance opportunities.

Audience Engagement

  • to collaborate with a range of artists across cultures and artistic disciplines, and encourage different audiences to experience the enriching potential of live dance performance.
  • to engage audiences in areas of the country with limited access to contemporary Irish dance.
  • to disseminate our work as widely as possible through venue partnerships in Ireland and abroad.