NOĊTÚ is a completely new departure for the Irish dance show genre.
It pushes the boundaries of the Irish dance aesthetic and explores new expression possibilities.

This performance allows the audience to get under the skin of those who perform in the dance world and allows us a glimpse of what matters to them. (Support for this production was provided by Imagine Ireland, an initiative of Culture Ireland.)

Here there are no boundaries, no rules, no expectations – only pure organic movement – an unexplored, visceral aesthetic is bared. The centerpiece of the show, illustrates the world as the dancers see it – from their point of view … through their lens. It is an unearthing of a personal narrative … an archaeology of the self. It is a shameless display of that which was previously unimaginable … a devil-may-care attitude to the conventional. It is an honest celebration of who we really are.

As the work develops awkward spaces are rejected and marginalized characters unite – their uniqueness celebrated as exceptional. We champion three central disenfranchised characters as they negotiate a new space in which to function – one in which they feel they can belong.

NOĊTÚ climaxes with an unrefined and coarse tribal celebration, a return to our bestial beginnings. This savagely danced piece is a lustful and reckless display of that which lurks beneath the skin, yearning to penetrate the surface.

I rarely use mesmerizing the overused word but here it is, ... an unbelievable 17 dances by 16 dancers left me exhausted and elated and almost weak from emotion.

Patricia Harty |, New York

Clip 1

Clip 1