Who am I? The me I let you see?

Aon is a large ensemble, contemporary Irish dance work which had its world première at Donegal’s Earagail Arts Festival in the summer of 2017,
followed by a 2-week run in Firkin Crane, Cork

The show addresses what it’s like to be unattached in the digital age of internet-dating and smart phones. This is a story of uploaded personal profiles more in line with who we think we should be rather than who we really are. Aon spins an intriguing narrative delivered through dramatic Irish dance with a modern twist, and performed to a wonderful, but all too familiar, soundtrack. Aon encourages us to throw off our masks, to shed our armour, and to join in a dance of liberation.

Official Trailer

Show Excerpts

I and my companions were left stunned by the intense creative spirit that brought this fine work of art to fruition – de Gallaí, artistic director and choreographer of Ériu, caresses, shapes and anchors the Irish dance motif in an exhilarating universal language of music and movement.