This class focuses on the basics. Dances mastered by the end of term include Easy Reel, Double Jig, Single Jig, and Easy Slip Jig. Depending on class standard, hard shoe basics may be introduced in this class also.


Master more difficult dances such as the Hard Reel, Hard Slip Jig.
Start to challenge yourself with more complicated material and tricks,
with some work focussed on the first Advanced Reel and Slip Jig.
Hard shoe is more involved with an emphasis on mastering the traditional set dances
as well as open level Hard Shoe Jig and Hornpipe.


This class aims at bringing the dancer to championship standard.
There is an emphasis on professional dance styles, seeking to challenge the
dancer’s understanding of the potential of Irish dance.

What to Wear

Shoes – Runners or jazz shoes are fine for beginners, but intermediate/advanced students should have heavy shoes. Wear something that allows ease of movement and that you are not afraid of sweating in (gym gear).