Classes – Spring Term 2020

The 2020 Spring Term classes begin mid-January. Please find all details below. This is an 11-week term commencing on the 13th January and finishing on the 30th of March.

I will take payment on the first night. I don’t have credit card facilities. If you sign up for the term, costs are as listed in the table below.

Mondays Liffey Trust Studios

18:00 – 19:00 Intermediate Level 1
19:00 – 20:00 Intermediate Level 2 (pre-advanced) & Advanced

Mondays DanceHouse

20:30 – 21:30 Beginners

Class Prices

Beginners €150
Intermediate 1 €150
Intermediate 2 & Advanced €150
2 Class Combination €225
3 Class Combination €265

Drop-in = €16

Class Description


This is an advanced/professional level class. The class pace is rapid and material will be difficult. I will focus on both professional standard show numbers as well as feis material at championship level.

Intermediate Level 2

This will suit the advanced dancers as well as those who are intermediate level and wish to be challenged in preparation for the advanced class. The material won’t always be advanced, but advanced motifs will be taught in isolation. The class will move relatively quickly.

Intermediate Level 1

This class is a natural follow-on from beginners, with more of a focus on mastering the more primary-level material. The class will also be suitable for some Intermediate Level 2 dancers who would like a 2nd class and who want to work on technique as well as ensuring they have a full complement of the standard dances.


This class will be aimed at absolute beginners and will move slowly. The objective will be to master the Beginners reel, jig, single jig and slip jig, as well as the Hard Reel, time permitting. Hard shoe dancing will be introduced from the get go. This class is suitable for dancers who have attended beginner’s classes in the past and who feel they are not yet ready to proceed in to Intermediate Level 1.

What to Wear

You will sweat so please wear gym clothes. Dancing shoes can be bought in Fay’s. They are not completely necessary, especially for beginners. Runners or stocking feet work fine if you are not ready to invest.

Studio Locations

Liffey Trust