Na Mic Ua gCorra is a youth company based in Gaoth Dobhair, Co. Donegal, and housed/resident (with its home) at Amharclann Ghaoth Dobhair.
The company celebrates the local traditional performing arts, invigorating, reinventing, and making work in new and innovative ways that is relevant for each new generation to come.

Na Mic Ua gCorra celebrates the Irish traditional performance arts through new and innovative ways in their presentation – reinventing, reinvigorating, making work that is relevant for each new generation to come.

Mic Ua gCorra Company Pillars

  • Modern and relevant interpretations of the local traditional arts
  • The young aspiring performer sharing the stage with the professional
  • An Ghaeilge

The long-term aim of the Mic Ua gCorra initiative is to create a youth company based in Gaoth Dobhair and housed at Amharclann Ghaoth Dobhair.

The company will eventually create varied and rich high quality productions. It will present the traditional arts as an ever-evolving, contemporary concern, offering the public presentations that are very much Donegal in terms of tradition and modernity, coexisting in harmony on the same platform.

Performance works will be a fusing of all the traditional art-forms: music, song and dance; drama and spoken word; delivering enriching and moving experiences for the audience. 

From a staging and treatment perspective, shows produced by Na Mic Ua gCorra will be thematically contemporary and challenging, at once honouring and nurturing the local traditional performance arts, while remaining relevant to the young performers.

Na Mic Ua gCorra Long-Term Plan

The initiative has a 5-year plan, broken down as follows:

  • Year 1 – 2019: Mic Ua gCorra Summer Workshop and Sharing (Dance)
  • Year 2 – 2020: Mic Ua gCorra Summer Workshop 2 and Sharing (more involved and developed, including Dance, Music, and Drama)
  • Year 3 – 2021: Mic Ua gCorra Summer Season with premiere of fully produced show involving Dance, Music, and Drama
  • Year 4 & 5: A new show for each season

The initiative will be a regular fixture of the Earagail Arts Festival.