The Village is Ériu latest initiative is in partnership with The Town Hall Theatre in Galway.

With it being Noċtú’s  10-year anniversary, the plan for this production is to create something that emanates from the same source, but that reflects how the company and the people in the company have changed from both personal and creative perspectives. At its core, Noċtú  was an archaeology of the self – an unearthing of a personal narrative.

Like Salómae, The Village will be a play with music and dance. We have been exploring approaches to presenting both the voice and movement in unison – a stylised presentation not necessarily based on reality, but feeling inevitable. For this project, we’re drawing for our ‘Habitus’.

French philosopher Pierre Bourdieu’s suggests that the ‘habitus’ is what organises us socially. It explains how our likelihood to behave in certain ways is dependent on how we expect others to respond.

A sinister and intriguing story, The Village see 5 people gather on a hill looking down on the townland where they all grew up. As they watch the lights go out over the village, it’s not clear what brings them together now, and what connects them, other than The Village.